Residential Building & Housing Societies

Builders build most residential complexes and the actual residents do not care much about the appliances installed in the complex when they purchase their house. As efficient pumps & energy efficient lights are expensive, many builders do not have financial motive to install efficient pumps and street lights. This results in higher electricity costs for the residential complexes when they are transferred to the owners. The common expenses such as electricity bill is divided amongst each house and thus every owner bears the cost of extra electricity that is used for pumping & Lightings. Thus, it is very important that buyers become aware of this fact and demand for more energy efficient products from the builders. Unless that is done, the cost of retrofitting efficient appliances will always be much more and delay in replacing will cost higher electricity bills.

Energy Saving Opportunities In RB&HS

Residential building and societies have high potential for energy savings in their campus; following are the major sectors of improvement

  • Energy efficient street light like LEDs, T5, Induction lamps should be promoted.
  • Pumps for water distribution in the society should be replaced with energy efficient highest rated (5 Star) by BEE.
  • Promote Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) introduced by BEE.
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